Assessment of Electric Farm Vehicle as Motive Power for Oil Palm Mechanisation Operation in Malaysia

Publication Date : 19/06/2019

Author(s) :

M., Azwan, B., A., Rahim, S., Salmah, J., M., Ikmal, H., M., Ramdhan, K., M. Rizal, Norman, K..

Volume/Issue :
Volume 2
Issue 1
(06 - 2019)

Abstract :

A comparative study on suitability of electric farm vehicle deployment in oil palm mechanisation operations was carried out. Two research methodologies were pursued, the assessment of battery’s state of charge and the load carrying test. The test was conducted in a 70-ha actual oil palm planted area with mild undulating topography and inland type soil. The first results of the test suggested that the farm electric vehicle is suitable to be deployed for the field maintenance activity as compared to the fresh fruit bunch and loose fruit evacuation activity. The second methodologies indicated that the electric vehicle could reduce up to 48% of energy as compared to a common sizeable internal combustion engine vehicle in oil palm plantation operation. In term of the environment, it was anticipated that a saving of almost 5.2 tonnes of CO2-eq per year could be realised from the electric vehicle deployment for farm maintenance activity in Malaysia. Besides environmental benefits, the electric vehicle also incurs lower purchase and maintaining cost compared to the common utility type diesel engine vehicle. The benefit obtained shows that the electric vehicle could reduce dependency on fossil fuel energy for a sustainable agriculture development in Malaysia.

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