The Development Progress of Rubber Spectral Library for Different Rubber Clone

Publication Date : 07/02/2018

Author(s) :

M. H. M. Hazir, A. K. Radhiah, T. M. T. Muda.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 1
Issue 1
(02 - 2018)

Abstract :

This paper presented progress development of fundamental study to understand rubber leaf spectral behavior based on different rubber clones. The different rubber clones will have specific shapes of the rubber leaf. Each clone also known has specialty to grow in specific soil, topography, disease resistance and environment conditions. This study indicate that different rubber leaves physical characteristics influence its spectral properties. Twenty samples reflectance value from each of four different rubber clones that covered the bandwidth of 400nm to 1000nm were collected. This data then can be transformed into valuable information to develop a spectral library that keeps previous, new and future rubber clone spectral signature information. The accuracy of the processing is much depending on the feature extraction techniques of hyperspectral data used. The result shows that near infra-red bandwidth and above had potential value to segregate rubber clones.

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