Integrating Automation in an Oil Palm Loose Fruits Collector

Publication Date : 07/02/2018

Author(s) :

M.S. Siti Nur Amalina, M. Muhammad Razif, W. Zulhakim, M. Muhamad Aznan, Z. Nur Hanani.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 1
Issue 1
(02 - 2018)

Abstract :

Uncollected oil palm loose fruits contribute to losses for plantation operators. Up until now, various devices have been proposed, but none have dominated the market and planters are still looking for the best machine that could match manual collection. While manual collection is still economical, there are a number of disadvantages, such that it is not ergonomics and labor availability in plantation is decreasing. Therefore, a device that can best collect oil palm loose fruit is highly sought. In this project an attempt has been made in developing an automated machine to collect loose fruits. Initial design was a fully mechanical device with an elastic roller cage to collect the fruits. The second stage incorporated automation features, which was in the elastic cage auto feeding, and on a tracking system to track the motion of the device. This paper presents the development in integrating automation on the oil palm loose fruit collector.

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